Online Classes & Degree Options

When you are thinking of pursuing a higher education you probably have in mind already what it is you want to achieve with your schooling, but even if you don’t, that’s quite all right, as there are undeclared and exploratory majors as well that allow you to begin your studies for a semester or two without focusing on a specific degree track. Or, to help you decide, here are some of the more popular degrees that students are currently working toward online:

History: Whether art history, American history, history of the southwest, or medieval history, there are plenty of options in this degree. Those who graduate with a bachelor’s degree are qualified to teach in most schools with a certificate. Those who pursue history further to the master’s or doctorate level can teach in colleges around the country.

Business/Human Relations: A business degree with an emphasis on human relations or marketing will prepare you to take your place in a small, medium or large company at various levels of management or, if you prefer, you can start your own small business once you have learned the ins and outs of how business works and runs.

Computer Science: A computer science degree has a wide variety of applications from programming the next operating system, to managing a support center for customers to receive help with their issues, or serving as the technical point of contact for a company’s information technology department. A master’s or bachelor’s degree in this field leads one into the theoretical realm of computer design and may allow for a career at the cutting edge of computer technology, creating and testing new hardware and software technologies.

Information Technology: When people think of computer networks usually they’re thinking of a cable that stretches between two or more systems, but having a degree in Information Technology allows for so much more. From networking an entire office to working for a large company like Wal Mart or Sears in managing their databases of products and inventory or setting up security for their wireless networks for their point of sale registers to communicate with central servers, these highly-paid and very valuable positions await those who take this degree track seriously.

Writing/Literature: Whether you’re an aspiring novelist or screenwriter, or if you’re interested in technical writing or even writing content for websites, there is always a need for good qualified writers in just about every industry.

Graphic Design: Working for a major studio or television station designing digital images seems like a dream for many, or if you are interested in print or the web, there are positions available for those with an eye for art to develop for brochures, documents, websites, and presentations.

In these degrees and many more there exists the opportunity to pursue your higher education to just about every level. Whether you want to simply get certified in a specific skill, or go for your associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or even your doctorate, Online Education is a get open door to a bright future.