Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions – and their answers – here on this page for your benefit.

How much does online education cost?

This depends on the school you choose and the courses you take toward achieving your degree. Typically your tuition can be expected to be less than what students pay at a normal school or university unless you have entered an accelerated course intended to get you through to graduation much more quickly than normal.

Are online classes taught by real college professors?

Yes. Most will be handled by certified instructors who have their college degrees in the subject they are teaching or something closely related. You can also expect that the coursework you will be expected to turn in will be similar to the level of work that is expected from students in traditional learning environments.

What kind of equipment do I need to get a degree online?

You need to have a computer that has an Internet connection and is capable of running basic software applications for submitting your work such as Microsoft Word or a text editor of some kind.

Do I have to live in your city to use this site?

No. Anyone can receive information about an online education through this site. If you are interested in pursuing an online education anywhere within the U.S. or Canada, you can receive a referral through this site.

How will I access my online classes?

Each school is different, but generally your classes will be accessed through a secure online system that you will be given a username and password for. When you first log into your school’s system, you will likely have to change your given password to something that is more familiar to you but which conforms to the school’s guidelines. In this secure area you will access your course information, your class syllabi, and submit much of your work to your professors as well as interact in various ways such as through discussion boards and chat rooms with your classmates.